Welcome to the Woods!

There are millions of lifeforms in the forest that are all just trying to make their own way. Rushing through so that they dont suffer the same fate as the fallen trees; rotting away. Big or small, sometimes these critters get lost in the vastness of the world. During the darkest nights these critters seek shelter within the hallow dying trees and find a glow bright enough for them to continue. A way to persevere through their own darkness


Foxfire is a glow that radiates off fungi, lighting the path for those who seek it. We hope to provide the same thing for clients or collaborators at FOXXFIRE. We provide a range of multimedia services and experience for those interested in seeing their creative vision realized. We produce your scripted promotional content for your business, make your films, capture your live events, bring star power to your own productions, and are always looking for new ways to collaborate with clients.