A music video I edited using vintage film cuts


This is an edit of the classic show Gunsmoke I put together from the original dailies.

This is a music video I made for a music festival called Balanced BreakFest. Shot in local venues in the Mission District, the video features several bands from the festival.

I have basic competency with animation programs. Here is a kinetic type project I did in After Effects.




Music has never been my strongest skill set. However its emotional influence in a scene is undeniable. Here is a basic score replacement project i did for scenes from The Godfather.


Here is another sounds replacement project I did for a scene from Black Mirror. Both characters are voiced by me, and most of the sounds I recorded in the field myself.

Another sound replacement project, this time of a short film. I sought help on some of the music. All other sound design elements where done by me.

Here is the whole package in cartoon form. Filling the space and giving life to everything on screen was a fun challenge.